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Round vs. Rectangular

Why are Vikan Round Trampolines superior for backyard family use?

The Vikan's perfectly round design provides a better, larger, safer jumping area for backyard family use.  Simply, the 14ft. diameter trampoline gives the bouncer more space, length, width, square footage, and jumping area — absolutely any measurement is a bigger, safer space compared to common sized rectangular shapes.

Backyard family use is really quite different from competitive gymnatics/trampoline clubs where certified instructors and four to six spotters are always present. The larger, perfectly round design is much more forgiving, resulting in a larger and safer target for recreational home use.

The equally spaced springs and perfectly round frame provide uniform and equal spring stretch and frame stress, resulting in a desireable soft, smooth, comfortable bounce with a natural tendency to work the jumper toward the center of the mat.  Whereas in rectangular designs excessive spring stretch and frame stress in the middle side sections are the norm because the jumping force is closer to these areas.  A quicker, harder, sometimes jolting bounce is generated, requiring more control and skill to remain on the trampoline.

With their over 20 years of experience, we are confident in recommending Vikan's round design for backyard family use.  Many world class trampoline athletes and families agree by owning a Vikan round trampoline in their backyards.


  • Need a cage for your trampoline?
  • Does a cage make your trampoline safer?

Fact: Trampoline injuries have increased since the promotion of cages. Children gain a false sense of safety when a cage is used.  They will often enjoy throwing themselves against the cage and bouncing back off of the netting, which is a very dangerous practice. 

Fact: Over 90% of trampoline injuries are caused from too many people jumping at the same time.  NOT from falling off.

Tips for Children:

  • Instead of a cage, try setting ground rules.  One jumper at a time is the best rule.
  • With a piece of chalk, draw a happy face in the middle of the trampoline.  Tell them to jump on the face.  This will keep smaller children in the middle of the trampoline.


  • If your children need a ladder, maybe they are too young to be on by themselves.


  • If your trampoline needs a cover, maybe it is not built for outdoor use.  Cheap covers usually just fill up with rain water or blow off in the wind - what a mess!

Children should not be left unattended on a trampoline.  For safety you are always wise to have at least two people, one jumping and one watching.

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