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About Our Mat/Bed

Unique, heavy duty polypropylene trampoline material and expert craftsmanship in fabricating.


  • Our Vikan mats use a thicker, more open weave (approximately 20% more porosity) allowing for more air flow/less air resistance resulting in a superior bounce and reaction performance
  • Our Vikan mats have a more textured finish making them safer.  The trampoline bed/mat is not slippery even when wet.
  • More sunlight gets through keeping the grass green under your trampoline


  • We use the best material
  • Cutting precisely and sewing meticulously makes the difference in performance (You and your kids know a good bounce!)
  • The spring connection and the mat/bed border is the main area of stress on your trampoline.  Materials have been chosen that work jointly together ensuring long thread life against the deteriorating factors of chaffing from constant stress and the outdoor elements - rain, colc, snow, and sun.
  • Stitching and Thread - The important features of correct stitch size and amount of rows are combined with quality UV protected thread.  This results in years of maintenance free bouncing for your family.

Since this trampoline is not slippery, even when wet, just a water sprinkler for lots of summer fun.

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