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About Our Pads
  • Pads tend to be the most neglected and under-rated part on a trampoline by many manufacturers
  • Significant importance is placed on every Vikan pad
  • If pads are impressive, the rest of the trampoline usually is too!

Inside Our Pads:

  • Closed cell high density shock absorbent foam
  • Reduces possiblitity of frame and spring impact injuries
  • Absorbs shock but not water

Our Covering:

  • Rip-stop UV Marine Vinyl - looks good season after season
  • Fastening system - secures pad easily on top of the trampoline - not on the ground as we see frequently


  • Need to cover and protect jumper from frame and springs
  • Need to last on average 10 years outside
  • Need to stay secure on the trampoline - not blow or fall off in the wind
  • Our pads meet all three of these requirements

IMPORTANT: Worn out pads should be replaced.  Never jump on a trampoline without pads!

Our pads can withstand wind, rain, snow, and not need a protective cover.

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