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About Our Frame and Legs

 Vikan Frame and Legs are made of thick heavy 12 gauge hard steel tubing.



Galvanized Steel - Maintenance Free (No rust or corrosion) Paint that chips, scratches, and rusts 
Thick heavy gauge steel for strength and durability Thin muffler pipe stock that bends, twists, and breaks 
4 piece frame rail system - super quiet and stable when in use 16 to 32 small pieces and joints that cause annoying and continuous squeaking 
Recommended load limit is 400 lbs Weight restriction of 200 lbs 
Moving around the yard for grass cutting is a breeze Moving  frustrating when legs fall out or fall apart.
No nuts, bolts or any tools required for assembly Screws, bolts, and hardware required at joints with duct tape recommended 
Long lasting - 20 plus years is the average life expectation Very early frame fatigue and metal failure 

Not all of our competitors fit into the OTHERS category but many of the very large box department store manufacturers all compete to build the cheapest product for the greatest amount of people.  Vikan's goal is to be the best, not the biggest.  Remember - quality comes at a price.  Vikan trampolines are the best value not the cheapest price.  We are happy to supply to a select group of value concious customers.

Our trampolines have been used by olympic athletes and in high end competitions because of their high quality.

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