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Trampoline Safety

Our #1 Trampoline Saftey Rule:

Only One Person on the Trampoline at a Time!

Our message on Trampoline Safety:

In this age of computer video games and digital TV, trampolines are good healthy, wholesome backyard family fun and fitness.  If used correctly they are far less dangerous than many other sporting activities while adding balance to our children's lives.

Trampoline Safety Rules

  1. Only one person at a time on the trampoline
  2. Do not wear socks when jumping - they can cause you to slip.  Jumping in bare-feet is better.
  3. No somersaults
  4. Landing properly, no silly landing
  5. Always do a stop bounce when you get out of the center or out of control
  6. Climb down; Don't jump, when getting off the trampoline.
  7. Do not sit on the trampoline while you are waiting your turn.  Stand on the ground and "spot."
  8. Do not jump alone; have a adult supervising the trampoline.
  9. Do not jump right after eating and never jump under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Aaron Johnson's Safety Tips - Information for Parents and Participants

(Canadian National Trampoline Coach 1976 to 1990)
  1. Freedom Sports Ltd, (the manufacturer of Vikan Trampolines) STRONGLY RECOMMENDS that parents and participants over the age of 15 take a trampoline safety certification course.  Certification courses are availabe from your Provincial Gymnastics Federation, or if you live in the United States, through USA Trampoline.
  2. Have an adult who understands the rules of trampolining supervise all jumping sessions. FACT: 70% of all trampoline accidents happen on the bed of the trampoline.  Most of these accidents occur when people try to do somersaults.
  3. Establish a NO SOMERSAULTS rule.  If you or your child wants to learn to flip (somersault), find a certified trampoline instructor, and learn how to somersault safely.
  4. When waiting for your turn to jump, stand on the ground and spot;  DO NOT SIT on the trampoline frame while you wait for your turn. FACT: 30% of accidents happen when someone jumps, falls, or bounces off the trampoline to the ground.  Many accidents happen when children fall off the trampoline while sitting and waiting for their turn.
  5. Always stop your bounce whenever you get out of control or out of the middle of the trampoline.
  6. To get off the trampoline, walk carefully to the edge of the bed, turn onto your stomach, and then lower yourself to the ground. 

    FACT: Ladders placed next to a trampoline are dangerous.  If your child is too small to climb on the trampoline without a ladder, they may be too small to jump safely.  Parents would be well advised to take a trampoline certification course to learn how to properly use and supervise a trampoline jumping session.

  7. NO DOUBLE BOUNCING.  Collisions between more than one person jumping can cause serious accidents.  People can accidently bounce each other off the trampoline or collide in mid-air when jumping together.

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